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Inside View: Opportunities & Challenges in the liquidity space

Our Director of Institutional Sales, Michael Nichols, shares his experience with institutional clients during the pandemic, outlines the challenges and opportunities of that period for the liquidity space, and invites all interested parties to meet him at the iFX Expo International 2021 in Limassol.

What was your experience with clients in this 2-year pandemic that allowed no events or face-to-face business meetings? How did clients’ needs change?

For the past two years, despite the hardship of all expos being cancelled, TopFX had another record-breaking year and has continued to grow to become one of the household names in liquidity and technology solutions. We saw that clients began to shift their focus on working with providers who understood the need to be flexible and cater to the specific needs of each broker. Price had also become one of the primary factors as brokers have started realizing that once they pay for platforms, CRM systems, liquidity, banking and payment solutions, then all the fees add up.

TopFX has an over-10 year history in providing liquidity. However, the LP space is highly competitive. How do you manage to expand your clientele?

The LP space has always been a highly competitive industry which is why understanding the value of enabling clients to grow became a priority. As a liquidity provider that caters to small and large brokers alike, we understand that believing in people creates long-term relationships and clients. This is why we maintain a low minimum deposit and competitive pricing while offering premium liquidity solutions and an unmatched level of customer service to all our clients.

In an industry that often does not allow new brokers to grow, we show that providing the best possible service while enabling new brokers to fulfil their full potential without the constant fear of high cost can create customers that stay for life.

What were our personal challenges as Director of Institutional Sales during the pandemic?

The B2B sphere generally had the same challenges when it came to dealing with the pandemic and that was the lack of face-to-face meetings and conferences. We are fortunate enough to have a marketing team who quickly took initiative and saw the challenges ahead of not having expos. The shift in the market was evident so if you did not have a good marketing team and adopt new strategies such as creating new partnerships then it was clear that you would remain static. We refuse to remain static and have therefore managed to keep growing.

What would you like to achieve during the upcoming event and what can your prospective clients expect?

At the upcoming event, we are looking to meet with our existing clients and also welcome new brokers to the TopFX family. That is why at the iFX Expo in Limassol we will be promoting a special offer to all new clients by providing the first-month minimum monthly free of charge with minimum collateral of $5,000 USD. As a liquidity provider that caters to small and large brokers, we understand more than ever that it is essential to believe in people’s potential. This is why we maintain a low minimum deposit and will be offering the first month minimum monthly free of charge for all clients for up to a period of one month after the expo.