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New cTrader features and improved user interface

Experienced traders have become increasingly sophisticated, demanding thousands of tradable markets from all asset classes, custom indicators, and trading robots, multi-timeframe Intermarket analysis and many different trading methods. At the same time, newcomers are constantly entering the markets, taking their first steps. That creates the need for platforms that feature a combination of unparalleled depth with simplicity, accessibility, and ease of use.

In this article, I will present the newest features of cTrader in 2020. A trading platform catering to both experienced traders and newcomers by offering sophistication via simplicity. In my ten-year experience, initially as a Head of Product Development of cTrader and later as the CEO of TopFX, I am very proud to have seen how much it has progressed since the early days.

Spotware has completely revamped cTrader in 2019 introducing new features as well as a list of enhancements on its user interface. Traders can now use four different ways to trade under one platform. The new cTrader has also enhanced charting capabilities for multi-timeframe and Intermarket analysis, new portfolio management functionalities, and offers a new market-centric interface.

A brief history of cTrader

The first version of cTrader was launched almost ten years ago after being in development for a year. Our vision was to place "traders first", by providing fairness and transparently via No Dealing Desk execution, through a FIX connection, without any tampering of live prices or historical data.

Since then, cTrader has won various platform awards and has been adopted by some of the most reputable brokers in the industry.

Accommodating all trading products in cTrader

It was always our dream to make it technically possible for traders to be able to use automated trading and copy trading in one platform, while also having enough screen real estate to work. In 2019 cTrader combined all trading methods in one app. A new navigation menu was born where traders can choose a trading method:

  • 1 - Trade - manual trading & signals
  • 2 - Copy - copying trades of successful strategies and portfolio management
  • 3 - Automate - the creation of trading robots and custom indicators.

This navigation menu is outlined in the image below on the left-hand side:

The new interface of the “Trade” product

In order to accommodate the transition to thousands of symbols (Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Metals, Energies, Indices, Shares), the interface was revamped, split into three major areas:

  • 1 - Left navigation menu which includes the finder and Watchlists with color-coded symbols
  • 2 - Charting area in the middle
  • 3 - The Active Symbol panel, showing information about the symbol selected in the Watchlist.
Linked Charts

Linked charts is a new feature that allows for Intermarket Multitimeframe analysis and easier symbol navigation. Charts can be linked together, so that when a new symbol is selected, the symbol in the linked charts changes, while their attributes and tools don't change.

For example, in the first image below, EUR/USD charts are linked (see the blue tag in each chart) while XAU/EUR (Gold / EUR) isn't (white tag).

  • If I select GBP/USD in the watchlist to the left instead of EUR/USD, you will notice that the linked charts will switch to display GBP/USD in the selected timeframes while the un-linked chart will continue displaying XAU/EUR.
Active Symbol Panel

The new types of information offered in the Active symbol panel on the right side of cTrader are; New order, market sentiment, Depth of Market, Economic Calendar, Market details, Market hours, trade statistics, leverage, and finally a description for the symbol.

Targets & Signals

the final additions to the Trade applications are targets from Trading Central and Signals from Autochartist, allowing for actionable tradable signals from inside the charts of cTrader.

New Copy

The cTrader team managed to embed the whole copy application in cTrader. As an added benefit, it has been enhanced with a portfolio management functionality.

Copy trading is an easy three-step process: Create an account, find the strategy you like and click copy. Once you do that, you can allocate funds to this strategy, which will be the maximum amount you are risking.

On the back end, a sub-account is created with the sole purpose of copying the strategy. This allows for the following benefits:

  • Each strategy you copy having its own balance, equity and stop out level
  • Equity to equity copying, which means that the calculation of volume happens automatically
  • Transparent reporting for each strategy copied
  • Per account Equity stop losses

Traders can choose from hundreds of community provided strategies to copy from shown in the middle of the Copy interface.

Portfolio Management

The new feature of private (by invite-only) strategies added to Copy, allows for signal providers to operate as portfolio managers. Traditional portfolio management remuneration is featured in the new Copy:

  • 1 - A Management fee
  • 2 - A performance fee with a watermark
  • 3 - The already pre-existing volume fee
The new “Automate”

cAlgo was merged with cTrader under the “Automate” functionality. It's API was enhanced greatly, but these enhancements won't be presented in this article.

Automate provides a coding terminal inside cTrader that you can use to code cBots or Custom indicators. Further to coding, traders can backtest or optimize cBots, in an array of time frames including high-quality tick data.

Leverage the community of to receive help to learn to write code, offer your services as a freelancer, participate in forums, and find API reference guides.

The new “Analyze” app

“Analyze” is a new auxiliary app that generates statistics for the performance of any of your trading accounts. You can use the app to compare performance between accounts or understand how to improve a trading strategy to make it profitable.

Enhanced mobile apps

Mobile apps have also been improved with the inclusion of configurable spark charts which allow you to understand the direction of the markets in your watchlists with just a glance. A great feature is that the time frame of the spark charts is configurable so that they match your trading style.

How to offer cTrader to your customers via the TopFX All-in-One Broker solution, partner with TopFX as an Introducer, or Trade

If you are operating a brokerage and want to offer this amazing platform, you can get it from TopFX via our “All-in-one Broker Solution”. For more information visit:

If you are an introducer that wants to partner with TopFX to offer cTrader to your customers, become a TopFX introducer using the link below:

If you’re a professional trader who wants to trade with cTrader, register to trade at:

Thank you very much for reading. It was a great pleasure to be in the core team that developed this platform, and I am ecstatic to be offering it through TopFX to traders and CFD Brokers alike.