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Success is a matter of trust

TopFX, a Prime Brokerage & Liquidity Provider has joined forces with Spotware, the award-winning developer of the cTrader platform, to create a unique 2-in-1 solution for both new and established brokerages. We asked Prokopios Katsaros, Head of Brokerage at TopFX to tell us more about it.

Being the longest serving member of TopFX in an industry where people move around so much, what kept you there?

If you move around too much, it’s probably because your work does not offer you the fulfilment you are looking for. Therefore, you are seeking better working conditions, salary or growth opportunities. I didn’t experience this kind of lack. From day one, I felt a sense of purpose, and I was motivated to make things work. My priority was to establish strong partnerships with our liquidity and other service providers so that we offer our clients competitive pricing, reliable execution and a wide range of instruments. My objective was and still is, to make TopFX a brokerage that deserves clients’ trust and serves them in the best way possible.

TopFX was the first in this field locally. How do you think you have managed to stay relevant?

It all comes down to being honest about what you offer and delivering what you are saying you are going to deliver. I know that “transparency” is a rather cliché term that’s being overused in the industry. However, at TopFX, we try to honour its true meaning and do business in a fair and open way. Our vision is to build a company that clients entrust with their funds and recommend to their network.


In addition to the above, we have improved and accelerated the client onboarding procedure, added new instruments and invested in enhancing our customer support. We are committed to providing our clients with fast and reliable execution of orders and industry-leading pricing. Rather than just offering empty promises, we put theory into practice, and our offering is consistent with our words.

Do you feel that the innovative 2-in-1 broker solution with Spotware helped get your name out there further?

I believe that the solution we created with Spotware is not only a win-win for both companies, but also for the brokerages who are going to choose it. Instead of looking for a liquidity provider and a trading platform separately, both startups and established brokerages can benefit from this integration saving valuable time and resources. The 2-in-1 broker solution is well-designed and combines our Tier-1, aggregated liquidity with the upgraded cTrader trading platform suite which enables traders to access three different trading methods within the same interface. Switching between manual, copy and automated trading is easily done by clicking the buttons “Trade”, “Copy”, and “Automate” . Traders can also combine all three different methods instead of choosing just one. This is a strong selling point for brokerages looking to attract new clients who are interested in copy and automated trading. cTrader is a cross-device platform and is available on web, desktop, iOS & Android. Apart from the retail trading platforms, brokers also get access to their own administration panel and hosting solution.

The combination of innovative trading platforms and multi-asset liquidity across Forex, Indices, Energies, Metals and Cryptocurrencies, makes this an in-demand solution that many brokers prefer.

In the eight years that TopFX has been open, the industry is radically changing with Cryptos. How do you ensure that your clients get the best combination of pricing and execution?

At TopFX, we get our price feed only from reputable partners that offer industry-leading prices and reliable execution without spikes or gaps. In addition, traders can benefit from our deep liquidity pool and place large orders without any consequences on the quality of execution. This is true not only for cryptocurrencies but also for every other asset class.

What’s next for TopFX?

Throughout my career at TopFX, I learnt that in order to succeed, we must exceed our clients’ expectations and offer them a solid foundation upon which they are going to build their success. To create a win-win, we must see ourselves as facilitators and enablers who help brokerages grow. To do so, we need to keep improving our offering by establishing new strong partnerships with key industry players. We have already integrated new service providers so that we support more instruments and improve the execution speed for clients who are based in different geographical regions. In the future, we plan to add new instruments and asset classes. We hope that our true transparency, wide selection of markets and top-notch trading conditions will be strong selling points that will convince the interested brokers to choose TopFX over other Prime Brokers.

Originally published on: Game Changers Magazine