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The top three questions clients ask about our liquidity

Our Head of Institutional Sales, Michael Nichols, shares the top three questions that brokers ask when looking for liquidity services.

1. What are your trading conditions?

Broker-clients always need to know how good our trading conditions are, which is a valid concern given the diversity that exists in the industry. Different brokers prioritise different aspects of trading conditions, depending on their clients’ trading needs. For example, some brokers could be looking at the average spread of certain assets based on what they predict or what their traders are trading the most. Others are mostly interested in swap rates, Depth of Market, order execution or all these aspects combined. These points are essential when choosing your future liquidity provider. We are in an evolving market, where traders are more advanced than ever, and information is readily available. Brokers must partner with a liquidity provider that not only offers the desired assets but has a level of flexibility that can be tailored to their business module.

2. How does TopFX stand out in an endless pool of liquidity providers?

TopFX stands out by being an established brand known for providing premium liquidity solutions to brokers since 2010. Our many years of experience make our brokers feel safe. They know that they are in expert hands and not partnered with the new up-and-coming providers that may shut down in a few years. Our in-depth and extensive industry knowledge has allowed us to tailor the liquidity we offer to brokers and has created an unparalleled loyalty with any broker that joins the TopFX family. As a final note, TopFX is not just a liquidity provider, but also a long-term partner of Spotware, the company behind the award-winning cTrader platform. As an enhancement to the previous 2-in-1 solution that included our liquidity and the cTrader platform, we have created the All-in-One broker Solution, a groundbreaking product which enables brokers to enter the market with full technology, payment systems and TopFX leading industry liquidity.

3. Why choose TopFX?

In an industry full of healthy competition, choosing the right options for your business is critical. Many providers offer similar products, but TopFX has proven throughout time, that we are not just industry experts. We know the exact struggles brokers face when entering the market or even when adding a secondary liquidity provider. That is why working with TopFX guarantees you three things:

First and foremost, you can count on our reliability and commitment to excellence in customer support. We always strive to ensure that all our clients’ requests will be answered promptly and effectively. Secondly, we understand the challenges that new brokers face and we provide tailor-made solutions based on what their clients need. Last but not least, our ten years of experience at the forefront of the fintech industry enables us to provide high-quality, cost-effective liquidity and technology to brokers.