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3 common problems with liquidity and how TopFX solves them

Our Director of Institutional Sales, Michael Nichols, shares his expertise in dealing with the most common issues of our liquidity clients and explains how TopFX has managed to address them.

What are the most common problems that institutional clients face when looking for the right Liquidity Provider?

We have noticed some key factors for brokers when choosing to work with us as an LP and the feedback received from our clients has helped us understand the current market trends when searching for a new LP.

Clients usually encounter issues with: a) price and trading conditions, b) onboarding speed, c) support channels and flexibility. We realized by solving these critical areas for clients it can enable us to continue doing what we do best; offering a quality service and focusing on capturing a reasonable market share.

At TopFX, we have leveraged our decade-long experience in providing institutional liquidity to offer the best solutions for our clients.

As issue number one you mentioned pricing and conditions. Can you elaborate on that?

When it comes to price and conditions, brokers have to choose between a large number of liquidity providers and the newest prime brokers out there. The task of finding the optimal provider and understanding the complex pricing structures often becomes exhausting for brokers. TopFX aims to simplify the process by providing conditions based on years of experience and consistency in the industry. We combine aggregated, Tier -1 liquidity with ultra- low latency below 25 ms, and deliver customisable solutions to brokers, investment firms and other institutional clients. Due to our longstanding relationships with financial institutions, we can offer a depth of market that allows you to execute large trading volumes with consistency and stream stable pricing for over 80 Forex pairs, 14 indices, metals, energies and other CFDS without gaps, downtimes or spikes. Besides our focus on execution quality and the wide range of instruments, we also understand the needs of startups and even existing brokers who do not want to allocate a large amount of their resources for just testing. For that reason, we have customisable packages for all clients and a low market entry of $5,000 USD for the margin account.

What about the onboarding of brokers who are just launching? Has TopFX managed to speed up the process?

A problem faced by every broker is onboarding speed, and configuration. This tends to be a very stressful period for both parties and can obviously vary based on how ready the client is and if all his documents are properly certified and in order. Our dedicated compliance team works hard to make sure everything is properly reviewed and clients have feedback as soon as possible. The average onboarding time for clients who have everything in order, can be roughly one week. This includes due diligence checks, issuing FIX API, connectivity and transfer of initial deposit. And we do not just stop there. We have support groups in place to help you manage, configure and finalize any steps required to have an easy onboarding process.

And how do you support clients throughout your partnership?

The institutional industry is extremely large and quite often things get missed. Support speed tends to be slow and this is a very common issue amongst larger institutions. That is why at TopFX every client always has a way to reach us for any issues or general questions that may arise. Our support team prides itself on fast response times while always finding the best ways to help you. From the start of the onboarding process, to when the client is live, we always have someone ready to assist and answer any questions.

In conclusion, at TopFX we value offering the best product and service to each and every one of our clients and understand the need for customisable solutions based on the needs of each broker.