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How to enter and succeed in the FX & CFD brokerage business

By TopFX CEO, Alex Katsaros at 2019 TES Affiliate Conference

TopFX has recently attended the TES Affiliate conference in Prague, an excellent networking event for affiliates and professionals from the financial and other industries. Our attendance was in line with our objective to help startups enter the eFX and CFDs industry, even if they have no prior experience of running a brokerage. TopFX CEO, Mr Alex Katsaros, conducted an engaging presentation that outlines the benefits of running a CFD brokerage as well as TopFX’s All-in-One Solution. Containing all the necessary components that a brokerage needs to launch and operate, the All-in-One Solution solves multiple issues that startups face and assists them in establishing a strong presence in the industry.

The presentation can be broken down into 5 different parts.

Part 1
Introducing what a CFD brokerage is

A CFD brokerage is a financial company offering trading services to clients, via an electronic trading platform. A trader of CFD (Contract for Difference) products does not buy or sell physical assets but rather speculates on the rising or falling prices of each asset. The most popular market for this type of derivatives trading is Forex, but CFDs on Shares, Indices, Energies, Metals, Cryptos and ETFs are also popular.

Part 2
The size and nature of the CFDs market

The CFDs market, and especially the Forex market, is the most liquid market in the world with $90 trillion traded in 2018. It is a 24-hour market that has been steadily expanding over the past 15 years and still keeps expanding.

Part 3
Who should consider opening a CFD brokerage

Our clients often come from the following industries, but the list is not exhaustive. In all cases, TopFX provides guidance and consulting on how to launch and run your CFD brokerage successfully.

Part 4
The advantages of owning a CFD brokerage business

The TopFX All-in-One Broker Solution enables clients to launch fast, easily and cost-effectively. The industry itself offers high return on investment, and allows businesses to use their existing marketing funnel and network of clients.

Part 5
TopFX and the All-in-One Broker Solution

TopFX has been providing Prime Services for almost a decade. The All-in-One Solution was created with the aim to pass on our accumulated wisdom to new brokers. We have gathered all the components that a new brokers may need to operate a brokerage and formulated a complete solution that saves them time and cost.

Part 6
Explaining liquidity

TopFX streams stable, aggregated liquidity for over 80 Forex pairs, 14 Indices, Metals, Energies and other CFDs. We offer clients an unparalleled depth of market that allows them to execute large trading volumes with consistent pricing. Additionally, our real-time position monitoring and post-trade reporting, maximises post-trade transparency.

Part 7
Presenting the cTrader Platform Suite

The TopFX All-in-One Broker Solution includes the new, revamped cTrader where traders can trade in 5 ways: manually, copy trade, automate, via in-platform signals or via FIX API. The greatest advantages of the cTrader platform is its sleek, user-friendly interface that features advanced charting with linked charts, chart trading where you can trade with drag and drop, and extensive information on symbols so that traders can make informed decisions.The TopFX-All-in-One Solution also includes cTrader’s mobile app for Android and iOS, an administration panel and a hosting solution.

Some facts about cTrader are presented below

Part 8
Website, CRM, payments and in-platform signals

The clients of the All-in-One Solution can also choose to add a branded website to their selection of components, a CRM and payment solutions. Last but not least, they can opt for Autochartist, which will encourage active trading on their platform. Autochartist is a pattern analysis software that its integration with cTrader enables traders to follow a signal with the click of a button.

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