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Notizie recenti

CFI awards TopFX as a Technology Corporate Leader

TopFX is honoured to have won the Technology Corporate Leadership award by Capital Finance International (CFI), a renowned print journal and online resource reporting on international business, economics and finance.

The award is an acknowledgement of our ten year successful journey and evolution to an established Prime Broker with a global clientele, which consists of Forex Brokers, investment firms, proprietary trading firms and other institutional clients.

At TopFX, we believe that impactful leadership starts from a well-defined vision and effectively implemented principles. Corporate leadership isn’t about offering the same solutions and the same level of service as others do. Instead, it is about standing out and creating an offering of exemplary quality; this is what we have strived to achieve, and our loyal and ever-expanding client base is a living proof that we have succeeded.

As TopFX CEO, Alex Katsaros, states, “ I always envisioned TopFX to be the go-to broker for Liquidity, B2B technology, and professional-grade trading. In 2018, we started to transform TopFX by adding core products that brought us very close to our goal. We empowered our Liquidity solution by reducing our spreads to near zero, and our average execution speed to 30ms. We initiated the TopFX All-in-One broker solution, a turn-key product that allows entrepreneurs to start a CFD brokerage using their own trading server, not white labels, via cTrader, a mature feature-packed platform that has been evolving for a decade.

We strengthened our group of companies by adding more regulated jurisdictions providing more flexibility to our clients. Finally, we initiated the best introducer program on the market, providing the highest rebates, and 20 different pricing plans for our partners to choose from, offering both MT4 and cTrader with institutional-grade trade execution.”

Our corporate focus

Our main corporate focus consists of two components:

  • a - Offer our clients a solid technology infrastructure on which they can build a new broker or enhance the performance of an existing one.
  • b - provide individual support, custom-made solutions and unparalleled reliability.

A. Solid Technology Infrastructure

Pricing & order execution technology

TopFX streams aggregated liquidity from multiple Tier-1 institutions offering clients unbeatable pricing and reliable execution across Forex, Indices, Metals, Energies and Cryptocurrencies. We are invested in providing an uninterrupted price feed and minimise latencies. Orders are managed via Smart Order Routing, an automated process that allows us to access multiple trading venues simultaneously in search of the best price available at the time of an order. Once the best price is found, the system attempts to fill it electronically.

Trading technology and available platforms


TopFX offers cTrader as the platform of choice in our All-in-One Broker Solution. This solution is a complete “start-your-own-forex-broker package” that offers clients everything they need to launch a successful business. A significant advantage that cTrader offers to new brokers is that the platform requires no bridge to connect to TopFX liquidity, thus saving time and cost from additional integrations.

Besides that, professional clients in the EU and other clients in non-EU countries can choose to trade on TopFX cTrader. cTrader is a sleek, user-friendly and robust platform that can serve both beginners and seasoned traders. After its last revamp, cTrader combines 3-way trading on the same interface and can be used by manual, copy and algo traders alike.


Traders can also choose the popular MT4 platform to trade, always with the same seamless execution and institutional-grade conditions.


Traders can gain access to multiple liquidity provider data streams without modifying existing trading applications, connect to any middleware or platform they prefer or use their own front-end GUI.

B. Individual support, custom-made solutions and unparalleled reliability

As mentioned above, TopFX has invested in creating a sturdy infrastructure, but true corporate leadership is about the effective implementation of the right principles.Our team is always willing to answer any questions and provide resourceful solutions to any problems that might arise. We adjust our solutions to fit clients’ needs, not clients’ needs to our solutions. As our CEO, Alex Katsaros mentions “We've always upheld integrity, fairness, and transparency to be the core values of TopFX, which is the reason why we manage to gain our clients' loyalty and thrive in this industry for 10 years. I am honored to receive the award for Corporate Leadership from CFI international as a recognition of our aforementioned efforts.”