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Recent News

TopFX signs partnership with AI payment platform, BridgerPay

TopFX, an institutional prime brokerage offering liquidity across multiple asset classes, has established a new partnership with BridgerPay, an AI-powered payment and data management platform.

The partnership will enhance TopFX’s All-in-One Broker Solution, a complete startup package for brokers that are looking to enter the eFX and CFDs industry. TopFX has a decade-long presence in the institutional liquidity arena. The core offering of their new solution consists of Tier-1 liquidity across multiple asset classes and the full cTrader platform suite from Spotware, including the back office and administration panel. Integration between the two is fast and seamless as cTrader connects to liquidity feeds via FIX API without the requirement of a bridge. In addition to the core offering, TopFX has amplified its All-in-One Solution with various optional add-ons such as a website, CRM, bank account on request and payment solutions.

The main objective of the partnership with BridgerPay is to optimise the payments component of the All-in-One Solution by increasing clients’ transactions approval ratios. With BridgerPay being a neutral gateway, which connects multiple payment providers via one admin interface, all payment channels become available on a broker’s website through Bridger Payments-in-a-box platform. No more time has to be spent to integrate each PSP,APM, local providers or wire solutions separately, and the broker can configure every payment solution to operate inspecific countries, currencies, volumeallocations and much more, while blocking others. Brokers can use Bridger’s Router service to increase approval ratios by tailoring the right providers for each route and manage their cascading order for all transactions.

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Commenting on the partnership, Alex Katsaros, TopFX’s CEO, said: “Incorporating a cashier in TopFX’s All-in-One Broker Solution strengthens our offering, which is becoming the most comprehensive one-stop solution in the market for startup CFD brokers. BridgerPay impressed us with their technology and innovative solutions. Brokers who choose to onboard will be able to easily add many PSPs without further integration, therefore achieving significant improvements in their transaction approval ratios.” In a nutshell, the partnership with BridgerPay allows startup brokers to filter through a list of payment providers and route payments to the highest performing PSP in real-time. BrigerPay’s CEO, Ran Cohen, stated: “Our exciting partnership with TopFX, a leading prime brokerage with a unique All-in-one Broker Solution which includes Spotware’s cTrader platform, is a real game-changer in both payment technologies and traders payments experience. Any client of this solution will be able to add, manage, and optimise multiple payments providers, solutions and methods. At the same time, they will be able to offer their end traders the unique ability to deposit funds in their preferred currency and payment method on a unified payment page and directly via the trading platform, whether it’s from their mobile or desktop. BridgerPay mission is to increase merchants’ approval ratios. Using our unique Bridger AI infrastructures, we can provide the very much needed “payments transparency”, allowing brokerages to enhance their payments with a click of a button. The BridgerPay team and Bjorn Enqvist, our global head of sales, will ensure TopFX brokerage clients will be on top of their payments!.”

BridgerPay is offered to TopFX’s clients with exclusive terms, and the startups that choose the All-in-One Solution with all the suggested add-ons can have a fully functional business from day one.