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Notizie recenti

TopFX will be exhibiting at the WikiFX expo in Vietnam
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TopFX is excited to announce its attendance at the Wiki Finance Expo event in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on 18th October 2020. The expo is expected to attract a striking number of participants, including over 3,000 guests, 30 top Forex experts, and more than 30 exhibitors.

Forex market participants will have the opportunity to meet with our local team and get informed about the full range of our solutions. As a Prime Broker, we provide superior liquidity solutions since 2010 and take pride in having earned the trust and confidence of our clients. During 2020, we have continued our global expansion with the aim of developing products and services that meet the needs of different client profiles.

Since December 2019 that we obtained a new license from the Seychelles Financial Services Authority, we have dynamically entered Asia's promising market, offering a highly-competitive program for Introducing Brokers and Fund Managers. The program features unique benefits that enable Introducing Brokers to create a strong client base and realise their full income potential. As a liquidity provider with a ten-year industry presence, TopFX offers ultra-low pricing and allows Introducing Brokers to extensively customize their revenue by choosing from 20 different referral plans.

On the institutional front, our mission is to develop revolutionary products that provide solutions to the FX and CFDs industry's challenges. Our Vietnam team will be pleased to inform aspiring entrepreneurs about the All-in-One Broker Solution, a complete package of services for starting a CFD brokerage. We created this to address all the potential challenges that a startup broker may encounter and offer solutions that help them create a robust infrastructure. We were delighted to see that the interest and demand for this combined product remain exceptional, no matter where we exhibited.

Our team looks forward to presenting our solutions at the Wiki FX Expo in Vietnam and meeting with clients, partners and other attendees.